Online Custom Essays and Thesis Both Were Not That Easy To Buy

The other day I was talking with my friend. I asked, “What will be your outlook on this if I buy custom thesis online?” He smiled and asked, “Do you really believe in such services? They are all scams; they are after your money. Once you pay, they disappear forever. Stay away from them!”

Now it was my turn to smile. I asked, “How about the essay writing company providing services for years? “ He said, “I don’t know they might disappear any time.” I asked, “What if a number of students have been availing these services and now they are done with their studies? He said, “I don’t know, maybe it’s worth giving a chance or not.” I said, “How about if the 98% of its customers rely on its services and keep coming back to it?” My friend replied, “Well, surely they would have filled customer’s expectations.” I asked, “What if they use the most reliable and efficient payment system?” He said, “Well, that would make it tougher for the clients to lose money.” I asked, “And still you believe they all are scams?” He defended himself, “Well, not all but some might be, but if there is any such company I guess it’s worth giving them a chance!

Every time we have this argument my friends end up admitting that one service with this feature is worth giving a try. Hence, it is important to look at the features of any website before making a deal. If the website has a strong statistics to show, and those statistics can be relied upon, there is no reason why the services of such company should not be availed. Being a writer, I am fully aware what kinds of standards are being followed by many academic writing firms. It is not that we work without any rules or there are no industry standards. The competition in academic writing industry is getting stronger day by day; hence it would be really unwise to take the job easy. I remember how one of my colleagues was thrown out of the job when he was found plagiarizing for the third time. He was given two chances to improve, but when he did it for the third time he was thrown out of the job. It is not like that the client or the teacher informed us about the plagiarism. We use expensive software to detect that, so that the integrity of the client is maintained at its best.

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