A well versed thesis report requires a fusion of three key elements a good research question, a well versed hypothesis and a great literature review to justify the chosen hypothesis. A good literature review is eminent for a good research model, analyses and conclusion because if the secondary research and argumentative review is weak and contains a weak use of references, then it becomes difficult to develop a proper methodology to the rest of the paper.

pftblog6 How To Develop A Great Argument In Your Literature Review

Writing a good literature review and a great argument is not really a difficult task, students can waste money in opting to buy services for custom thesis writing, but if they use their brains and give themselves a lot of time and spend hours in reading, they will not only be able to develop a good literature for their thesis, but it will also polish their analytical and writing skills along with knowledge. Two things to consider while writing a good literature review for a thesis:

Do not try to replicate the exact concept in the paper that you are taking the references from, try to understand what the author is communicating, understand the argument and see how it relates to the topic, never use too many references at once and always make notes of everything that you read.

Make sure you do not jump into writing a literature review instantly, first read, then brainstorm and note key areas to talk about from different works of different writers and how each of them co-relate, finally give your own thought into it and then start to structure up your review. A literature review should be confusing for readers, but seamless and should sound like a story or a debate for and against the topic and should have a quality conclusion leading up to your hypothesis, weak literature review does not directly relate to the research hypothesis.

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