Homeschooling in the 21st Century

families who are unable to send their children to a conventional school due to financial capacity or other problems. However, home schooling is far more backward than going to a public school as home schooled students don””t have as many opportunities and exposure as compared to students enrolled in conventional schools.

pftblog10 Homeschooling in the 21st Century

One of the major drawbacks of homeschooling is there are lesser opportunities to socialize, and socializing is a great teacher of today””s time it helps students develop confidence, students make an extra effort to blend into their social environment which helps them in developing their personalities additionally studying with students of the same age creates a healthy competitive environment for students and in turn students work hard to achieve better scores.

Class participation and discussions boost creative thinking amongst students. This is not possible in homeschooling, since there is no class to participate, alongside the faculty hired may not be as experienced as the public school teachers. Homeschoolers generally hire one teacher who may not be as learned in all subjects as teachers who teach individual subjects.

Homeschoolers do not have exams, assessments, assignments and class presentations. You will never hear them saying or screaming words like to write my school paper and thus learning opportunities resulting from such projects, work, assignments and examinations become impossible. This learning is imperative to allow a student to develop and equip himself up with essential skills for his future. Hence public schooling though, is more costly than homeschooling it provides ample opportunities to learn and develop confidence.

In comparison, conventional schooling methods should always be guardians or parent’s number one priority, especially in today’s day and age where students need to be exposed to the real world to allow them ample learning opportunities that can help shape them into better more skillful individuals.